Cool and Weird Guitar Picks

Odd Weird Guitar Picks

Tortoise Shell Guitar Picks

Weird cool guitar picks

The first kinds of guitar picks that were ever produced were made from a material called tortoise shell. If you are thinking if this is the real tortoise shell then the answer is indeed correct. They were actually once upon a time made from real tortoise shell. I’m not certain of the process that would need undertaking in order to produce a tortoise shell pick. Click here to buy some of these cool guitar picks

For obvious reasons the tortoise shell plectrum quickly became “extinct” so to speak from the pick market. You can find the odd real tortoise shell from back in the day on craigslist or ebay but these go for a pretty penny.  The guitar players that used these picks in the past claim that this particular material produced a sound that no other could produce. Apparently they try to replicate these nowadays but they will never be the real thing.

The credit card

cool guitar picks credit card

For some reason unbeknownst to me, there are players out there who use credit cards as their plectrums. Granted, they do modify the shape of the credit card but still not a great material in my opinion for guitar. There’s a great gadget that you can buy which allows you to punch out picks from old credit cards.

The bread bag clip

cool guitar picks bread clip weird

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there before where we’ve lost every guitar pick in the house and have no other option left but to use the clip from a bread bag. This is the closest thing that resembles a cool guitar pick in a time of desperation. Not ideal at all but hey, when it’s your last option what else can be done. I do not mind at all admitting that I have been in this desperate situation before and have called to the bread clip to save my guitar woes. Luckily, I stash picks in strategic locations so that I never have to revert to the bag clip ever again.

Stone Guitar Picks

Here is yet another odd ball guitar pick that has become very popular in recent times. This time it is made out of stone. I have yet to try this particular but I hear good things. You can check out a video on stone picks and decide for yourself. The video will explain everything you need to know about them as I am not an expert on this weird and popular version of guitar pick.

The list above just mentions a few kinds of weird and odd picks however there are tons more out there. These include Metal, vinyl , comb and more.


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